The main thing to realize is that if you are starting your own wrestling promotion thinking you will get rich, chances are you are in for a rude awakening. There are very few promotions that actually make money. As far as independent promotions the only ones that may make money are they ones that own their own building, most likely run weekly shows, and don’t pay the wrestlers.

I started my own promotion because it was something I wanted to do. I’ve watched wrestling since I was 4 and knew someday I would be a part of the wrestling business. I used to be so excited about the sport that I bought a couple practice wrestling mats to use at home.

Do not just hop in headfirst without knowing the basics. I essentially dove head first into the business. I thought I knew what went on, but I still needed to learn what really happens in wrestling. I searched on the internet for someone to train me to run shows, or to just take my money and smarten me up a little. I found Dusty Rhode’s school and a guy in Raleigh, NC. I opted for the guy in Raleigh. In hindsight I should have went to Dusty’s school, best case scenario I might have a job with the WWE now, worst case scenario I learn something. Most promoter’s are wrestler’s or have some background in the business. Just like any other business you should learn about it, before you get involved in it.

My “training” consisted of watching what goes on in the back, taking notes, and asking questions. After about five shows I thought I had a good, basic grasp of the business. I knew the terms to use, and had a good base to work from

When you decide that you want to run a wrestling show you need to get information from your state athletic commission. Some states do not regulate wrestling, but in my state of South Carolina we have a Commission. And boy do they suck.

The commission will have you apply for a promoter’s license and an event permit in most cases.

The main thing you need is talent for your show. This is what I will discuss mainly in this article. You will need wrestler’s, referee’s, and ring announcer. If there are any indy shows in your area you should go to them to meet the talent, and get their contact info. When doing this you should contact the promoter of the show ahead of time and let them know that you want to come to the show to get in contact with some talent. Always befriend promoter’s in your area, you never know when you will need them. Also never run in an area where another promotion runs. It is disrespectful and just causes unneeded problems.

Getting talent isn’t hard, you will met some wrestlers, they will know others. Getting good talent is a little harder. Everyone these days is a wrestler, and most of them suck. You should look for a wrestler with a good look, that looks like an actual wrestler, not just some bum on the street. You should pay very close attention to how the crowd reacts to the wrestlers. A wrestler’s main goal is to get the crowd to either boo or cheer him. If he can’t do that, then he is not worth hiring. You will not get good talent if you do not pay them. If you offer someone a certain amount of money you must keep your word, even if you lose your ass on the show. You get what you pay for.

You must be the person in charge. There will be wrestlers that will try to run your promotion for you. Listen to their idea’s, ingest them. Then decide for yourself if you want to use that idea. Some of the guy’s will really want to help your promotion, some just want the small payday, and then there are some who want to run your show for you.

You want to book people who people will pay to see, that may be hard to find on the Indy’s but judging a wrestler’s worth on his crowd reaction is a good tool to use.

When booking a referee choose one with a good amount of experience. A good referee can make a bad match good. A bad ref can turn a good match sour.

An announcer is easy to find. You could do it yourself or just get someone with a good speaking voice and a clean suit to do it. The announcer should have all of the match info ready before the card. Weights, names, where the wrestlers are from, type of match, all that should be ready on cards for the announcer to read from.

By now you should be developing a lengthy list of talent from your connections. Before you book a show however you need a venue. I will address this in part two.

One of World Wrestling Entertainment’s greatest superstars is the giant wrestler, The Undertaker. With an undefeated Wrestlemania streak, classic feuds with Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels, and a dark style he was one of the most memorable WWE wrestlers.

He has wrestled in the WWE for over twenty years and throughout those years he has pretty much stuck to same wrestling style, adding a little bit of new moves here and there. Duplicating his style requires a lot of hard work, and a bigger physique than normal wrestlers.

Ring Gear

The Undertaker is exactly what his name says. A wrestler representing death, also known as the “Deadman”, his signature catchphrase is “Rest In Peace” and his outfits all mach that.

He started out donned in a ripped black dress shirt with matching pants and purple gloves, but that has evolved throughout the years.

He now wears black wrestler gear, with black gloves, and a trench coat. His hair is also long and black and heavy black mascara is also applied. He had a short era as a biker, but stick to the dark appearance for the true Undertaker look.


One of the things that helps the Undertaker get wins is his intimidation. The Undertaker is not scared of any challenge and by scaring and intimidating opponents he can have the victory before the match has even begun. He replicate this, stare your opponent down, put fear into their eyes, and even if they are bigger and stronger than you, do not back down.


Unlike wrestlers like Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio, the Undertaker is not fast in the ring. Stick to big impact moves like Big Boots to the head, suplexes, and clotheslines.

Some of Undertaker’s signature moves include climbing to the top rope while holding an opponents hand, walking across the rope, and smashing his arm on their back.

Specialty Matches

The Undertaker excels in specialty matches. Some of the ones that he has brought to the WWE include, the Casket Match, Broiler Room Brawl, Hell in a Cell, the Last Ride match, Buried Alive match, and the Inferno Match. He has won in almost all of those matches and the key to wrestling like the Undertaker is knowing how to survive in those types of matches.


The Undertaker has a couple of finishers that he can use on opponents. The first is the classic choke slam. Simply grab your opponent by the neck, lift them up, and slam them to the mat. The next is the Last Ride, which is a power bomb with the opponent lifted a little higher than usual. The last is his original, the Tombstone Piledriver. This is a reverse pile driver where the opponent is held facing the Undertaker and dropped head first onto the canvas.

Rey Mysterio

The WWE has had their fair share of big wrestlers like Andre the Giant, The Undertaker, and Big Show, and their share of average-sized wrestlers like John Cena, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Some of the most exciting wrestlers are the small ones like Sin Cara, Shawn Michaels and masked wrestler Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio may have one of the most unique wrestling styles in the WWE and learning his moves is a fun process.

Ring Gear

Dedicated to his Mexican wrestling heritage Rey Mysterio wrestles in a full mask. His designs vary by week and he has even made appearances as The Flash, Captain America and Spider-Man. For the bottom half Mysterio wears loose pants
to help him move around the ring without a problem and his pants usually match the mask.


The key to wrestling like Mysterio is to have great speed. Huge wrestlers like Mark Henry or The Great Khali can destroy him if they get their hands on him, so Rey relies on his speed to duck and dive away from their grasp and execute his moves.


Most wrestlers rely on punching and kicking to help weaken opponents but sometimes that has no affect on Rey’s opponents. Therefore, Mysterio needs to use fast paced moves like a Russian Leg Sweep, bulldog, DDT, and
Hurricanranas to weaken and take opponents down.

Highflying Moves

When he is not wrestling on the mat Mysterio is usually heading to the top rope. The top rope helps Mysterio gain the height back that he is usually at a disadvantage with. From there, he can execute moves like a frog splash, flying elbow drop, and other moves to knock opponents down.


Rey Mysterio has one of the most popular finishers in the WWE and the set up is the key to executing the move. There are 3 ropes to the side of a wrestling ring and an opponent needs to be knocked down and hanging on the second rope with their face towards the outside of the ring.

From there, Mysterio will swing off of the second rope of the ring on the opposite side, swing around, and drop kick their opponent right in the face. Then he will either do a “West Coast Pop” pin rollup or simply pin his opponent.