Rey Mysterio

How to Wrestle like WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio

The WWE has had their fair share of big wrestlers like Andre the Giant, The Undertaker, and Big Show, and their share of average-sized wrestlers like John Cena, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Some of the most exciting wrestlers are the small ones like Sin Cara, Shawn Michaels and masked wrestler Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio may have one of the most unique wrestling styles in the WWE and learning his moves is a fun process.

Ring Gear

Dedicated to his Mexican wrestling heritage Rey Mysterio wrestles in a full mask. His designs vary by week and he has even made appearances as The Flash, Captain America and Spider-Man. For the bottom half Mysterio wears loose pants
to help him move around the ring without a problem and his pants usually match the mask.


The key to wrestling like Mysterio is to have great speed. Huge wrestlers like Mark Henry or The Great Khali can destroy him if they get their hands on him, so Rey relies on his speed to duck and dive away from their grasp and execute his moves.


Most wrestlers rely on punching and kicking to help weaken opponents but sometimes that has no affect on Rey’s opponents. Therefore, Mysterio needs to use fast paced moves like a Russian Leg Sweep, bulldog, DDT, and
Hurricanranas to weaken and take opponents down.

Highflying Moves

When he is not wrestling on the mat Mysterio is usually heading to the top rope. The top rope helps Mysterio gain the height back that he is usually at a disadvantage with. From there, he can execute moves like a frog splash, flying elbow drop, and other moves to knock opponents down.


Rey Mysterio has one of the most popular finishers in the WWE and the set up is the key to executing the move. There are 3 ropes to the side of a wrestling ring and an opponent needs to be knocked down and hanging on the second rope with their face towards the outside of the ring.

From there, Mysterio will swing off of the second rope of the ring on the opposite side, swing around, and drop kick their opponent right in the face. Then he will either do a “West Coast Pop” pin rollup or simply pin his opponent.