How to Wrestle like WWE Superstar the Undertaker

One of World Wrestling Entertainment’s greatest superstars is the giant wrestler, The Undertaker. With an undefeated Wrestlemania streak, classic feuds with Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels, and a dark style he was one of the most memorable WWE wrestlers.

He has wrestled in the WWE for over twenty years and throughout those years he has pretty much stuck to same wrestling style, adding a little bit of new moves here and there. Duplicating his style requires a lot of hard work, and a bigger physique than normal wrestlers.

Ring Gear

The Undertaker is exactly what his name says. A wrestler representing death, also known as the “Deadman”, his signature catchphrase is “Rest In Peace” and his outfits all mach that.

He started out donned in a ripped black dress shirt with matching pants and purple gloves, but that has evolved throughout the years.

He now wears black wrestler gear, with black gloves, and a trench coat. His hair is also long and black and heavy black mascara is also applied. He had a short era as a biker, but stick to the dark appearance for the true Undertaker look.


One of the things that helps the Undertaker get wins is his intimidation. The Undertaker is not scared of any challenge and by scaring and intimidating opponents he can have the victory before the match has even begun. He replicate this, stare your opponent down, put fear into their eyes, and even if they are bigger and stronger than you, do not back down.


Unlike wrestlers like Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio, the Undertaker is not fast in the ring. Stick to big impact moves like Big Boots to the head, suplexes, and clotheslines.

Some of Undertaker’s signature moves include climbing to the top rope while holding an opponents hand, walking across the rope, and smashing his arm on their back.

Specialty Matches

The Undertaker excels in specialty matches. Some of the ones that he has brought to the WWE include, the Casket Match, Broiler Room Brawl, Hell in a Cell, the Last Ride match, Buried Alive match, and the Inferno Match. He has won in almost all of those matches and the key to wrestling like the Undertaker is knowing how to survive in those types of matches.


The Undertaker has a couple of finishers that he can use on opponents. The first is the classic choke slam. Simply grab your opponent by the neck, lift them up, and slam them to the mat. The next is the Last Ride, which is a power bomb with the opponent lifted a little higher than usual. The last is his original, the Tombstone Piledriver. This is a reverse pile driver where the opponent is held facing the Undertaker and dropped head first onto the canvas.