Why Girls Should Go into Wrestling: How Wrestling Can Teach Self-Defense to Girls

First of all, it should be noted that wrestling is not like the fake (and dangerous) world of professional televised wrestling matches that most people think of when they think of wrestling.

It is still possible to get hurt in wrestling but put aside any notion of your child being head butted or pile-driven into the mat. That will not happen in real wrestling matches.

Wrestling Teaches Self-Defense Techniques

You may be looking into how to keep your child safe after seeing the recent news coverage of child murders. It seems every week there is another innocent child being victimized and murdered. If we can’t trust our church Sunday school teachers, who can we trust around our kids?

Don’t expect wrestling to teach your child how to tackle an adult female or male, they won’t be able to do that due to the size and weight difference. What they will be able to do is hopefully to get away quickly before the kidnapper has a chance to harm them. So basically while your child will not be able to do a half nelson or take-down on an adult individual out to harm her, she could learn to defend herself by using a duck-under maneuver and other moves to escape.

Girls will learn how to get out of an adult’s grasp by taking wrestling. Wrestling moves don’t just include offensive moves, but also defensive. It will teach stamina in the face of an opponent who is relentless at trying to take them down. Girls will learn how to move their bodies to escape many wrestling holds or moves. Learn how to get out from under an opponent on the ground as well as escape from a bear hug grasp standing up. This will give them tools to utilize in the case of kidnapping or psychotic kidnappers bent on harming them.

Think of a wrestling match. Watch a wrestling match and see how each opponent repeatedly has to grapple his way out of holds to keep from losing points and ultimately being pinned down on the mat. It may not look like the wrestlers are doing much but they are. Each wrestling hold has a defensive move to get out of it. Children learn to do these offensive and defensive moves which can enable them to get away in case of trouble in real life, not just in a wrestling match.

Many wrestling programs in schools do allow girls and boys as well to compete and learn wrestling. You might see more resistance from parents than coaches who probably have seen girls wrestling in other school districts. Girls and boys wrestling each other? Yes, wrestling is a great choice of sport for a mix of boys and girls as opponents are chosen due to size and weight. So girls won’t be put up against a boy much bigger than she is. It will be an even match.

Isn’t it an unsafe and potentially dangerous sport? If you consider softball “safe”, then wrestling is a piece of cake! Parents may scoff at having girls straddling boys and boys laying atop girls but there is nothing sexual in nature about it. Each opponent is focused on one thing, pinning the other person. It might take a minute to get over that but if you think of it, boys on boys in wrestling looks exactly the same!

Wrestling Builds Strength and Endurance

This is a physical activity which will build up your daughter’s muscles and make her strong. Take advantage of your child’s young age to enroll her into many physical activities before she gets to the don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed-itis that seems to hit during adolescence. Teach her that keeping active is good for mental and physical health. She will be stronger to fend off attacks of illness and predators.

Consider wrestling the next time you are looking into self-defense courses for your daughter to protect her from kidnappers, rapists, and murderers. What she learns from wrestling today, could save her life in the future.